What is a master plan?

    A Masterplan is a detailed plan that guides future design and development of public spaces.  It outlines developments which: improve function and access; recognise, respect and enhance the existing character; and facilitate social activity and amenity for both residents and visitors.  A successful masterplan will embody a community’s collective vision and values to create sustainable places.

    What is the benefit of a Master Plan?

    Master planning embraces a wide range of complex, sometimes conflicting issues and is a positive, proactive process that can bring significant benefits such as: engaging the local community in the process; building consensus about the future of an area and identify priorities for an area; help deliver high quality, functional, accessible sustainable public spaces; celebrate and protect the natural assets of a place. The master planning process helps Council to priorities projects that enhance the function, character and appearance of the park progressively as funding becomes available.  

    What is a plan of management?

    A plan of management is a document developed to guide how a park or reserve can be used, managed and developed.  It establishes directions for planning, identifies permissible uses, leases and licences and prioritises future development.  The Local Government Act 1993 requires a Plan of Management for all community land.

    What is the process for developing a masterplan and plan of management?

    The first stage of the process it to simply gather ideas, opinions, values and suggestions.   Once this stage of community consultation closes, an initial master plan will be created which we will take back to the community to ensure we are on the right track and have heard correctly.   Feedback from this second engagement will inform the development of a final draft plan which will then be presented to the Council to be paced on public exhibition.  The public exhibition stage gives the community a final opportunity to comment on the plans.  All formal submissions will then be considered by Council and the necessary amendments made before final adoption.