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  • Business Update: JobKeeper subsidy to help eligible employers and employees stay connected

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    Sole traders may be eligible for the JobKeeper payment if their turnover has reduced relative to a comparable period one year ago. For more information, visit here

    For more information about employer and employee eligibility guidelines, visit here

    Friends, family and business owners seeking information on small business support, visit here the Service NSW information hub for small business impacted by COVID19.

    Opportunity for NSW businesses to help fill the medical supply chain

    The NSW Government is seeking expressions of interest from NSW businesses that can help supply or make components of urgently needed medical equipment and sanitation aids including:

    • hand sanitiser
    • examination gloves
    • disinfectant and cleaning products
    • handwash and soap
    • masks
    • eyewear
    • gowns and protective overalls
    • paper products, including toilet and tissue paper.


    • may register their interest online here
    • do not currently have to manufacture the listed products, but should be capable of changing their production lines to supply these products
    • who need to change their existing operations to take up this opportunity should email the Global NSW Concierge team for assistance

    Visit NSW Government for more information.

    Considerations for vulnerable workers

    National Cabinet has endorsed the advice that workers classified as vulnerable to serious illness if they become unwell, must undergo a risk assessment and be redeployed to non-customer-based roles where possible. Where risk cannot be appropriately mitigated, arrangements should be considered to accommodate a workplace absence.

    • People classified as vulnerable are:
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders 50 years and older with one or more chronic medical conditions;
    • 65 years and older with chronic medical conditions;
    • 70 years and older; and
    • those with compromised immune systems

    Visit Australian Government Department of Health for more information.