Time to stand up and be counted for our community

almost 2 years ago
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Hawkesbury City Council does not need or want to join with The Hills Shire Council and has voted to stand alone.

“We want to maintain the right for our residents to have a strong voice in the future of their community by retaining their own council,” said The Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Kim Ford.

“I am asking the Hawkesbury community to take a stand against a merger with The Hills Shire Council. Your opinion will make a difference. I know December is a busy month for all of us but I ask you to make time to speak out by contacting your local State member and by completing the Merger Survey,” he said.

The Premier of NSW has indicated that an announcement about the future of all councils will be made before Christmas.

“It’s vital that we let our Local State Member of Parliament, The Hon. Dominic Perrottet MP know our feelings now or we may potentially be left facing the new year grieving the loss of our local government area – the Hawkesbury,” said the Mayor.

The people of the Hawkesbury have strong ties with the communities of Penrith and Blue Mountains and we work well with both Councils to fight for and support the interests of residents living in the outer rim of the metropolitan area.

The Mayor of the City of Blue Mountains, Councillor Mark Greenhill, who supports Hawkesbury’s stand-alone campaign said, “Blue Mountains City Council continues to support the Strategic Regional Alliance with Penrith and Hawkesbury City Councils. We see the Regional Alliance as an appropriate approach and model for the three councils to increase their efficiency and effectiveness for the benefit of their respective communities.”

Councillor Ford added, “We don’t have a lot in common with people living in a dense suburban and high rise environment such as The Hills. Our values are vastly different. We work hard to have our voice in heard State Government and we don’t want it drowned out by those whose priority is servicing the north-west growth centre”.

“We must maintain our unique identity and our local representation in order to preserve all that is great about living and working in the Hawkesbury.

“Hawkesbury is in a strong and stable financial position and we have a solid improvement plan for the future.

“We need our community’s assistance in letting the state government know that this Council does not want, or need, to merge with The Hills Council,” concluded the Mayor.

To have your say complete the Merger Survey.

To make your views known to our local State Member for Hawkesbury, The Hon. Dominic Perrottet MP email hawkesbury@parliament.nsw.gov.au, phone (02) 9634 7474, mail PO Box 298 CASTLE HILL 1765 or in person 287C Old Northern Road, CASTLE HILL NSW 2154

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