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  • Extraordinary Council Meeting - Thursday, 25 March 2021 at 6.30pm

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    The Mayor has called an Extraordinary Meeting to consider Council’s interim response to flood emergency.

    As a result of the Federal and State Government social distancing requirements, Council will facilitate Councillors being able to participate in Council Meetings by attending in the Council Chambers or by Audio-Visual Link.

    In addition, members of the public will be unable to attend the meeting in person. The meeting will however be live streamed by webcast through YouTube. We will provide a link to the meeting on our Facebook page prior to the start time.

    The agenda items can be found under the Business Papers tab via this link

    To speak on an agenda item, please follow this link to the online form

  • Stay away from Floodwaters - 24/3/21

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    Council is urging the community to stay out of floodwaters that can be contaminated with sewage and carry a range of viruses, bacteria and parasites.

    Swimming or operating watercraft in floodwaters is extremely dangerous. The risk of submerged debris and contamination is very real. Residents should avoid any recreational contact with waterways and avoid driving or walking in or near floodwaters. Remember, if it’s flooded, forget it.

  • Road Repairs Update 24/3/2021

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    Council is aware that there are many local roads that will require repair and pot hole fills.

    Please be aware that our crews will be placing a temporary fix on our roads as many locations will require further work which will take time and be done in an order of priority.

    🛑EAST OF THE RIVER - Road crews are out today filling pot holes and making temporary repairs to the local roads.

    🛑WEST SIDE OF RIVER - Currently we do not have materials to start repairs on the west side of the river but we are working on a delivery and we will have crews out once this is available.

    🛑ISOLATED ROADS - Our crews will not be able to start any repair work on roads that are not accessible.

    ⚠️We encourage our community to take extra care on our roads due to the damage which has been caused by this flooding event and we appreciate your patience as we work towards repairing our local roads.

    It is important for our residents to report any road issues via the following options:
    ➡Council online form here…/forms/roads-reporting-form
    ➡Via email to
    ➡URGENT LOCAL ROAD ISSUES by ☎ to our Customer Service Team on 4560 4444.

    ℹ By using Council's reporting options and not a third party, it allows us to collect all the information we require (at no additional cost) to address the issue reported. It also provides us with a point of contact so we can contact the resident if we require further information. Please be aware that Council does not have any control over third party reporting platforms that may be available to the community.

  • Council Facilities - Remain CLOSED Today 23/3/21

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    Council is advising the community that based on the latest advice from the SES and the BOM the following facilities will remain CLOSED today:

    • Hawkesbury Regional Library
    • Hawkesbury Regional Gallery
    • Hawkesbury Regional Museum
    • Richmond Library
    • Richmond Pool
    • Visitor Information Centre
    • Waste Management Facility
    • Companion Animal Shelter
    • Oasis Aquatic and Leisure Centre
    • Upper Colo Reserve
    • Windsor Boat Ramp

    Waste Services will continue to be provided. Please put out your bins on your scheduled day and we will pick them up when we can.

    Our Customer Service Team can be contacted on 4560 4444, via email on or via our online form HERE for information or assistance.


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    To all those people who are out helping in the Hawkesbury during this flood event, we say THANK YOU!

    We know there are many emergency service organisations, volunteers, road maintenance crews, family, friends, neighbours and community members all supporting our community during this difficult time.

  • Council staff out and about - 22/3/21

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    The last few days have been busy ones for the Hawkesbury community. Council staff have been working to keep us all safe on the roads.

    Here is a snapshot of some of what we have seen right across the District.

  • Windsor Bridge Closed - 21/3/21

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    Live Traffic NSW is now reporting that Windsor Bridge between Macquarie Street and Wilberforce Road is closed in both directions. Please avoid the area.

  • Livestock and Domestic Animal Evacuation Facility - 21/3/21

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    Livestock and domestic animal owners impacted by flooding are being urged to be prepared and take their animals to Castle Hill Showground if they are concerned, contact us on 1300 795 299 for assistance. On the Central Coast, Riding for the Disabled in Somersby can also be made available. Further updates will follow. The Penrith Paceway is no longer a safe evacuation facility due to the conditions.

  • Local Road Closures - 19/3/21

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    For the most up to date information on local road closures, please head over to our Disaster and Emergency Dashboard HERE
    Our Dashboard will be updated by our staff throughout the day.

    A reminder that if you come across floodwater while driving, never drive, walk, or ride through it. If the road is flooded, forget it!

  • Get your animal plan ready before storms and floods hit - 18/3/21

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    Hawkesbury City Council is joining with the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) in urging residents to plan for their animals ahead of storms and floods.

    “We’ve seen plenty of storms lately,” the Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Patrick Conolly said, “and with storm season still upon us, our residents are being urged by the NSW State Emergency Service to not only plan for themselves, but their animals as well.”

    “It means making sure you have secure fencing to prevent animals escaping during storms, making plans to keep small animals inside during a storm, and planning how to transport your animals, including crates and enclosures for your pets, and where to take them.

    “In the face of potential flooding, owners will need to prioritise moving their livestock to higher ground and away from flood prone areas, so you need to identify and plan where you will take them,” he said.

    “This is especially the case for residents in the Hawkesbury. We have already experienced a good deal of rain, so there is a higher likelihood of flooding if we continue to get more rain.

    “This means we need all local animal owners to have a plan in place,” Mayor Conolly said.

    There are the numerous resources available via to help you make a plan now.

    NSW SES Chief Superintendent Greg Swindells said the NSW SES has specially trained volunteers in large animal rescue.

    “Recently in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley, we have been called to assist with cows stuck in mud, sheep trapped by floodwaters, and even horses that have fallen into septic tanks,” Mr Swindells said.

    “While we will always respond when and where we can, it is important that the owners of large animals do their best to keep them safe.

    “This is especially the case with septic tanks. Horses are very heavy animals and while it doesn’t take a lot for them to fall in, it takes a lot to get them out safely.

    "If you have a horse and they can walk across a septic tank, please put measures in place to protect them. This can go a long way to avoiding a very stressful situation for the animal and yourself,” he said.

    In the event you need assistance for your animals, please call Triple Zero (000) and the nearest emergency services agency will respond.

    For more information on how to best plan for your animals, visit and for more information about preparing for floods in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley, visit For videos and images of Large Animal Rescues and training, visit