New Timeframes for the Delivery and Pick Up of Skip Bins - 4/5/21

There are over 4000 affected properties in the region, and approximately 600 skip bins in the process of being delivered, in use or collected at any one time.

As such, the following timeframes apply to the delivery and pick up of skip bins:

  • Generally, 5-10 working days for the delivery of skip bins
  • Generally, 5-10 working days for the pickup of full skip bins.
  • Bins will now also automatically move to a pick up list after 10 days from delivery

We understand for some residents there has been a delay of over three weeks for the delivery of bins. We are working hard to clear the backlog of bins and to improve timeframes. This includes establishing a temporary transfer station to minimise times the trucks need to travel and unload after picking up full bins.

Here are a few simple points to consider when requesting a skip bin:

  • Please note skip bins are only to be provided for flood waste from flood inundated properties
  • Please do not lodge multiple requests for skip bin delivery. Each request for a skip bin is assessed and managed by a team member and duplicate requests slows down the response times.
  • Note NO chemicals, paints, oils, fuels etc. are to be placed in the bins. These should be taken to your local Community Recycling Centre. To find your nearest Community Recycling Centre, visit
  • No Asbestos waste is to be placed in bins. If you have asbestos containing flood waste please call Council for further advice.
  • If you have not received your bin in 10 working days, or had a bin picked up in 15 workings day, please call our Customer Service Centre on 4560 4444.

If you need to order a skip bin for your flood waste, click here or contact our Customer Service Centre on 4560 4444.

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